Friday, July 16, 2010

Some Studio Speak

Compared to independent filmmaking there's a lot more language cues to learn in LA.

In the production office I got to see a lot of paper traffic. Crew and personnel fill out
"box rentals" - when they use their personal professional equipment on production the studio pays them for the use of it. A camera or a laptop becomes a "box" that is rented...P.A.s don't always get paid for their stuff -- but HBO films does it.

"Sides" - excerpts of the script all pulled and marked in a certain manner to indicate what is to be shot for a day. They are usually packaged with the call sheet and collogated, cut and stapled into little packets everyone vies for during the shoot.

"Cover Sets" - alternate location to go to in bad weather (so you got your ass covered)

Film Stock abbreviations:
R.C. - Re Canned
S.E. - Short End
F. C. Factory Canned

"Video Village" - the designated area of moniters and director chairs where the above the line (directors, producers, studio execs) watch the action.

"1st team" - principles (the cast)
"2nd team" - the stand ins

"the vanities" - hair, make-up and wardrobe crew

****more to come***

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