Wednesday, July 7, 2010

On the Lot

On my internship for Cinema Veritae I get to "work on the lot" for a bit.
Production headquarters are located in Hollywood Central Studios a few blocks down from Sunset Blvd.

The Production Office takes up Building 9 all to itself.

In the foyer are the production coordinators, PAs, Secretary and accountants. The execs (producers, director, DP and their assistants) are all posted strategically in the back around the kitchen and bathrooms.

Upstairs on the 2nd floor is Art Department and Location Managment.

Up the spiral stairs on the third floor is Set Decoration, Props, more accounting, and set construction.

Wardrobe is in another building. And hair and makeup are in trailers on the street.

To get talent from wardrobe to the sound stage to production office and back again Set PAs chauffer them around in these elitist vehicles known as golf-carts!

While the rest of us little people use our two legs and run around as needed.

The same studio lot is predominately used now for the Disney kids shows. So you'll see all these guest stars and kids from the Suite Life etc, from time to time in different buildings.

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