Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Lay of Los Angeles

I first came to Los Angeles back in March traveling with The Last Bogatyr when it played in Los Angeles International Women's Film Festival. Cooper (our associate producer), Michelle (camera operator) and I stayed a week, but we didn't see too much outside the radius of where the festival was.
Pretty much everyday then we'd commute from the house in Brea, CA driving an hr -hr 1/2 to Sunset Blvd in downtown Hollywood to the Lamelle's theater.

Now I'm here for the summer and getting to see, drive, and work a lot more of the greater Los Angeles. LA is a large "metropolis". There are all these little cities and suburbs all crammed side by side.

Hollywood Center Studios is located in Los Angeles technically, as opposed to The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences which is in North Hollywood, as opposed to the LOUD house location which is in Santa Monica.

My buddy Alex is interning in Beverly Hills and staying in that area. I'm interning all around and staying in Sun Valley.

Sun Valley is close to Burbank and Glendale...Burbank is north of Hollywood....etc, etc, etc.
Burbank though is actually is not part of the city of Los Angeles...meaning LAPD is not responsible for crime in that area, Burbank has their own police force.

Also there are all these highways and interstate highways... I usually drive the 170 and 101 to get from Sun Valley to Los Angeles most mornings.

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